Studio Policy

Cleanliness/Hygiene: Please remember to incorporate time to shower before arriving for your massage. It’s not a pleasant session for either therapist or client if hygiene is not respected.

Scheduling: Guest will be reminded of their appointment by phone and/or text messaging the day before the scheduled session. Appointments not confirmed by the guest will be automatically assumed confirmed unless a cancellation notice is given.

Arrival : Please be respectful of every ones time at the studio, and arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled visit. This allows you; as well as the guest before you adequate time to complete their visit without feeling rushed. Time will be deducted from a session for any guest arriving more than 10 minutes late and will be charged for the full scheduled session.   

Draping  According to the Louisiana Board of Massage Therapy  draping is required. This facility uses FULL draping this means you will be covered with a sheet at all times during your session. Your therapist will uncover each appropriate area (arms, legs & back) and recover after the work is completed. Minimal draping WILL NOT BE granted and if requested by you the client, the session will be terminated immediately. 

Clothing: After you fill out a short intake form, we will discuss your dressing options. This is completely up to your comfort level. Everyone is different, remember your privacy is completely respected and your therapist will accommodate your comfort level.

*Sexual Solicitation: Unfortunately this does happen from time to time. For the safety of the Therapist and guest this ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. If at anytime the therapist and/or guest feels as though any boundaries are being crossed, both have the right to end the session immediately.

GIFT CERTIFICATES TERMS AND EXPIRATION POLICIES –  Gift certificates will expire one year from the month purchased. Services are sold at full priced value unless other wise offered. Gift certificates may be purchased for a lessor value and applied to any scheduled session, where then the recipient will be responsible for the remaining cost of service. NO SHOW FEE will be deducted from balance of gift certificates if you fail to show up for your scheduled appointment.