Service Fees:

~60 minutes _____$75
~75 minutes _____$90
~90 minutes _____$105
~120 minutes ____$135

Types of Massages:

A combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue will be used and adjusted to your level of comfort.

Technique and pressure will be discussed upon completing your intake form.

Prenatal Massage ~ This treatment requires you to be in your 2nd trimester, which is 13-27 weeks and includes side-lying. Pillows and bolsters are used to help you remain comfortable so that you can fully ENJOY your mommy time.
This treatment is a minimum of 75 minutes 

Cupping MassageSilicone cups are used, creating a reverse pressure. This is great for pain relief as it aids in dissolving muscle adhesion and tension. ~ 

Hot Stone Massage – Add warmth to your session. The warm stones promote deeper muscle relaxation & dialtes blood vessels which increases the blood flow that will bring oxygen and nutrients to the injured area. Warmth can also aid in moving a stagnant lymphatic system, increase circulation, boost immune function and metabolism. 

Aroma Therapy – I love adding armoa therapy. The choice to do so is yours. I feel this is a pleasant distraction for the mind.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve you, and look forward to meeting you.

Please keep in mind that this time is for you to renew your mind, body and soul. Keep distractions to a minimum (cell phones). Take advantage of allowing everything and everyone to be on hold while you regenerate.

 ~ Thank you

**Prices are subject to change